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Free initial phone call

If you're a new client, we offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss how we can help. No obligations.


After hours service possible

Can't talk during regular business hours? We may be able to work around it.


Not in Auckland?

Most matters can be dealt with remotely, and even if travel is ultimately required then arrangements can be made at reasonable costs.

"It depends"

We know, right? You spend all this time researching on the internet and no one - no one - seems to just tell you the cost up front. It's so frustrating!

It turns out that there are a lot of good reasons for that. There are too many variables. Really, the only way to get an idea of the cost and benefits of engaging a lawyer, is to talk it through with one at the outset.

That's why we offer all new clients a free and friendly telephone discussion of up to 30 minutes:

  • to give you an idea of where you stand;
  • to see whether we can help; and
  • to let you know what the likely costs will be.


Our principles

While you won't get an upfront cost from our website (or any other); we can tell you more about the key principles we operate from when pricing:

  • We want our services to be a good investment for you. Our fees are set with a view to giving you positive value for money. We want to help you with your case, but more than that, we want to do such a good job that you'll refer us to family and friends.
  • If we don't think the benefit of our work will outweigh the costs, we'll say so.
  • We operate on a no surprises basis. You may have already been surprised by what the other side of your dispute has done: but you won't be getting any surprises from us.


Not sure if you're ready to spend money on legal fees?

Fair enough! Legal issues always seem daunting when you're first faced with them. A no-obligations consultation with an experienced lawyer can help you get a feel for where you stand, and what the likely costs and benefits will be if you go further.

Many legal issues are notoriously difficult to get any certainty about - for good reason - but in our view that doesn't mean you should have to give your lawyer a blank cheque. 

Often it's clear that we can add value, but we're always conscious of the reality that some cases are simply better than others, and statistically speaking, you're never going to win them all. Sometimes engaging a lawyer can still be an excellent investment in terms of mitigating the impact of a bad situation, but ultimately if we don't think we can add value in your particular situation, we'll say so.

When you're looking for a lawyer you can - and should! - shop around. 

By all means compare charge out rates, however be aware that they don't actually tell you what you need to know. Our charge-out rate is generally $325 per hour (not including GST). What is more relevant to you as a client is how much experience your lawyer has with your particular sort of issue. Put another way, would you rather have someone charge you $250/hr for 8 hours (250 x 8 = $2,000)? Or would you rather engage someone who has seen your sort of problem before, and can deal with it in half that time, even if they use a higher rate (325 x 4 = $1,300)?

If you're a new client of Cogent Law Limited, you get a free and friendly initial telephone consultation of up to 30 minutes. There are no obligations. This is to allow us to provide a tailored estimate of costs and benefits, so that you can make an informed decision.

Generally speaking legal issues are easier to deal with the earlier you tackle them, so it may be a good idea to contact us earlier rather than later.